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Out on March 12: Questionnaire - David Lang (words and music) - Sergio Sorrentino (electric guitars)

"Questionnaire" for electric guitars and voice - Words and Music by David Lang Sergio Sorrentino, electric guitars (more than 40) feat. Barbara Czepulonis, questioner (voice)

Bandcamp link from March 12 https://sergiosorrentino.bandcamp.com/track/questionnaire

Spotify Presave link https://www.gate.fm/xDrclx0q

On March 12 will be released “Questionnaire”, a masterpiece for electric guitars and voice by the Oscar nominee and Grammy award winner David Lang. This Art Song consists of a voice that asks questions to the guitar ensemble and the guitars that give their personal answers by articulating, performing and completing the given musical phrases. For this World Premiere Recording the Italian guitarist Sergio Sorrentino recorded all the guitars by myself, performing and overdubbing with different kind of solid body electric guitars and archtop guitars the answers of dozens of guitar students, professional and amateur guitarists. The questioner has a woman voice, it's Sorrentino’s wife, Barbara Czepulonis.

David Lang says:“I was very happy to work with Sergio Sorrentino on this realization of the 'questionnaire.' I knew Sergio would make a good version of this piece because a few years back he did a great job with my electric guitar duet ‘warmth.'"

Sergio Sorrentino says:”We have recorded this track during a covid lockdown period and we have shared together great time dedicated to the art and music of the great composer David Lang, having the privilege to collaborating with him remotely. As we proceeded with the registration, David Lang sent us his opinions, valuable advice, suggestions. This was very important to us. It was great to work again with David, after the previous wonderful experience of the 2018 “Warmth” recording on Mode Records.” From March 12, 2021 the Single will be available on all main digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, etc.) Cover by Barbara Czepulonis Recorded in 2020 in Vercelli, Italy Produced by Sergio Sorrentino Mastering by Pierluigi Colangelo Sergio plays Fender and Ibanez Guitars World Premiere Recording #spoken word #minimalism#contemporaryclassical#davidlang#sergiosorrentino#electricguitars#electricguitarensemble#soundart

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