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Electric – New Album by Sergio Sorrentino - Out on August 28, 2020

On August 28, 2020, “Electric”, the new album of contemporary guitarist Sergio Sorrentino will be released worldwide through RMN Classical (it will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and more)

The Tracklist includes: 01. Electric Prelude by Sergio Sorrentino (world premiere) 02. 03. 04. Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich 05. White Buffalo Calf Woman Blues by John King 06. Glitch by Rick Romano (world premiere) 07. Composed Improvisation by John Cage 08. Paisaje Cubano con Lluvia by Leo Brouwer 09. Projection for Electric Guitars – The Arrogance of the Dead by Joji Yuasa 10. Spire VI by Cesare Saldicco (world premiere) 11. Chase by Ayal Adler (world premiere) 12. Can’t Think Without Light by Dom Bouffard

Mr Sorrentino has worked extensively with many of the leading contemporary Italian as well as international composers, premiering and recording major works by Sylvano Bussotti, Azio Corghi, Alvin Curran, Mark Delpriora, Mauro Montalbetti, Stefano Taglietti, Gavin Bryars, and Tom Armstrong, among others.

Winner of the First Edition of the International Competition of Guitar Composition “Goffredo Petrassi” (Rome), Sorrentino is an internationally-renowned performer who promotes the classical and electric guitar contemporary repertoire, and whose compositions and work improvisations combine elements of contemporary classical, minimalism, avant-garde, ambient, and experimental music.

“Electric” will include works by some of the most prestigious and prominent composers of today’s contemporary scene such as Steve Reich, John King, John Cage, Leo Brouwer, and Joji Yuasa.

“Electric” will also feature four world premieres: Electric Prelude by Sergio Sorrentino Glitch, by Rick Romano Spire VI by Cesare Saldicco Chase by Ayal Adler

Internationally acclaimed as “one of the most important contemporary Italian guitarists” (RAI Radio Tre), Sorrentino started his international concert career very early and has held solo concerts and masterclasses in many prestigious festivals and venues in the US, the UK, Cuba, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy.

His album Dream – American Music for Electric Guitar (Mode Records) was reviewed and highlighted in the New York Times by Seth Colter Walls as one of the “Week’s Best Classical Music Moments”.

Over the years, Mr Sorrentino has worked with prominent composers and musicians such as Bruno Canino, Alda Caiello, John Russell, Machinefabriek, Steven Mackey, Andrzej Bauer, Marco Angius, Giorgio Battistelli, Carlo Boccadoro, and Mauro Bonifacio, and has recorded for an impressive number of record labels, among which Mode Records, Rai Trade, Creative Sources, Silta Records, Carish, Curci, Sinfonica and RMN Classical.

Additionally, as a sound artist, Mr Sorrentino has worked on sound installations at MACRO (Rome) and Art Site Fest (Turin) and performed for Baldo Diodato exhibitionsand Gillo Dorfles exhibition (Milan).

“Electric”, the new album of contemporary guitarist Sergio Sorrentino will be available on all the platforms worldwide through RMN Classical on August 28, 2020.

About RMN Classical RMN Classical is a specialised label launched by composer-producer Rick Romano to promote and nurture the contemporary and sound-art music scene and all its ramifications developing and producing original ideas and voices through a range of projects and releases curating a growing catalogue of works and artists.

About RMN Music London-based RMN Music is an independent music company created to empower the contemporary artists and audience through a series of strategic services and projects, connecting music and people crafting unique experiences, fuelling dreams, ideas, and imagination.

Its labels (RMN Records, RMN Classical) promote musical diversity through production, promotion and development of a variety of different projects including new album releases and events across a wide range of genres with no distinction of countries, age or background.


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