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Sergio Sorrentino
De Nocturno Visu

Sergio Sorrentino: De Nocturno Visu, electric guitar transcription of Nocturnus Visus by Azio Corghi, CASA RICORDI, Universal, 2013

Sergio Sorrentino
Dripping I

Dripping I, for guitar or any instrument or combination of instruments - It will be published soon on ArsPublica


Sergio Sorrentino

Haiku-Yuki, for piano, ArsPublica, 2014


Sergio Sorrentino
Tang'(Jok) Guitar

Sergio Sorrentino: Tang'(Jok) Guitar, classical guitar transcription of Tang'(Jok) Her by Azio Corghi, CASA RICORDI, Universal, 2012



Sergio Sorrentino

Studio da Concerto per sei chitarre o multipli di sei (for six guitars or multiple of six), Sinfonica Editions, 2013


Sergio Sorrentino
De Citharae Natura

For Guitar Solo, Sconfinarte Editions, 2013

Awarded at the International Composition Competition "G. Petrassi" of Rome Conservatory.