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Selected Discography


John King & Sergio Sorrentino
Black Lake Blues
Sergio Sorrentino / Machinefabriek

Suoni Possibili Records - 2020


The album is the meeting between two unique voices within the contemporary music scene.

Starting from the blues the two guitarists talk to each other through free improvisations, free patterns and open compositionsbased on sound research, making use of a rare complicity and deep friendship, building an avant-blues music, a music of true expression and freedom - a music for the 21st century. https://www.facebook.com/suonipossibili/

Label: Fratto9 - Dense Promotion (Berlin) 2013/2020


This is an album based on the beauty of the electric guitar sound. The pure sound of the electric guitar (mainly “clean” or sometimes get a little bit “dirty” with the fuzz pedal) evokes memories, images, emotions. The harmonics, simple chords, arpeggios, single sustained notes of Sergio Sorrentino’s guitar formed the starting point of the creation of each track. Sergio recorded ideas, sketches and improvisations, which were then further processed by Machinefabriek. Mainly using the sounds of Sergio’s guitar playing as building material, he constructed short pieces that emphasized the feel of the original recordings and fleshed these out to create a series of focussed Vignettes. This resulted a playful, melodic and highly accessible album that stands out in both artists oeuvres.

Sergio Sorrentino
Dream - American Music for Electric Guitar
Elliott Sharp & Sergio Sorrentino

Mode Records 2018 (Naxos USA)


Sergio Sorrentino: "Dream" - American Music for Electric Guitar (Mode 301) 

The album contains works for electric guitar by John Cage (my adaptation of "Dream"), David Lang, Jack Vees, Elliott Sharp, Alvin Curran, Morton Feldman (world premiere recording on physical CD of "The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar"), Christian Wolff (complete works for solo electric guitar and the premiere of "Going West"), Larry Polansky, Van Stiefel. 

The CD was highlighted by the New York Times among the "Week's Best Classical Music Moments".

Ants Records 2019

“Spillá” (meaning "to play" in the secret language of the Neapolitan musicians) is a meeting between two masters of the guitar: Elliott Sharp's continuous innovation meet Sergio Sorrentino’s mastery of interpretation. 
Recorded live in 2018 in Vercelli (Italy) here we have the surprising and effervescent rendition of two Sharp’s graphic scores: "Hudson River Nr. 6" (1974) is an early experiment and is part of a series of scores derived from topographical maps superimposed to musical staff and then manipulated by the author. 
"Liquidity" is part of a latter approach (2011) working on fragments of pre-existent musical notations heavily manipulated at the computer by Sharp. 
Both the scores deals with visual art as well as contemporary music, and are conceived to give to the performers (better, interpreters), the broader informations to "walk-in" the scores (following conceptual images and/or "sonorous" instructions). 
The rest of the disc is comprised of two long improvisations where Sharp and Sorrentino takes the occasion to use the most varied (and "extended") guitar techniques, spanning all the range of contemporary "guitarism". 
All the pieces are World Premiere Recordings. 
The CD Cover image is a modified detail of the score of "Hudson River Nr. 6". 
A text by Elliot Sharp focusing on Graphic Notation is included in the four pages booklet. 

Sergio Sorrentino
Tempus Fugit
Trio Sorrentino / Telandro / Sigurtà
Immersus Emergo

Past and Future in the Contemporary Guitar Music - works for classical, baroque, beating and electric guitar by Maderna, Cifariello Ciardi, Corghi, McKenna Lee, Morrone, Munari, Pisati, Sorrentino - Silta Records 2012


Tempus Fugit is a musical journey through Time. The guitar (instrument with an archaic sound and at the same time particularly peculiar for the New Music) lives in a border area, in a sort of Time “limbo”. That's why the guitar (classical, electric, baroque or beating guitar, particular kind of instrument that belongs to the South of Italy ancient musical tradition) is explored by contemporary composers through evocations of ancient sounds, sonic research, avant-garde innovations, visionary and futuristic electronics. Time flies (Tempus Fugit) with the guitar, between past and future ...

Sergio Sorrentino, guitar / Simone Telandro, trumpet / Luca Sigurtà, electronics - Aton Records - Setola di Maiale 2012


Sorrentino/Telandro/Sigurtà Trio is a contemporary music and free improvisation ensemble. The trio was founded in 2009 and has already held many concerts throughout Europe (in prestigious concert-halls and festivals). It has also held workshops and master classes based on written contemporary music and the free improvisation. Join together the electronics (analog instruments, fields recordings, contact mics and more) with the classical guitar (sometimes prepared or electric) and the trumpet (or the flugelhorn) is very rare in the contemporary music scene. For this the Sorrentino/Telandro/Sigurtà Trio wants to explore deeply the possibilities (of colours, expressions, sonic possibilities) of this particular line-up. The musicians wants to make enjoyable and agreeable the contemporary research to a wider audience.

Sergio Sorrentino
Behind the Window

Electric Guitar Improvisations About the Rain - Setola di Maiale 2011


Gifted with great instrumental technique and accurate academic studies, Sergio Sorrentino presents here some of his improvisations for guitar, which also include items such as white noise and more. Each piece have its peculiarity in terms of creative resources and materials used; the tracks are inserted into a personal journey of memories, feelings related to rain… a window, the sun and the unutterable melancholy. Sergio Sorrentino is a well-know musician, a fine and acclaimed interpreter of classical scores and modern compositions.

Sergio Sorrentino
Impro - Interferenza sull’Inno Nazionale for Electric Guitar and Tape

Alchemistica Net-Label 2011


Impro de-construction for electric guitar and drone on the Italian national anthem.

Sergio Sorrentino
Guitar Improvisation Project
AA.VV., Accordature, compositions of Carla Rebora, Rai Trade, Vdm Records, 2009, Sergio Sorrentino: guitar solo pieces on tracks 3 and 5

Alchemistica Net-Label 2011


A collection of free improvisations for classical and electric guitar solo

Antonio Cimino
Francesco Langone
Sergio Sorrentino
Suoni da una terra antica, Center of Ethnological Studies label, 2010, works by Cimino, Didier, Sorrentino, (Sergio Sorrentino also plays chitarra battente - beating guitar, a particular kind of ethnic italian guitar, similar to a baroque guitar)